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best lawyer divorce in bali


The author, who is a divorce lawyer in Bali, will explain the procedure for handling divorce in a court in Bali. The Best Divorce Lawyers in Bali are required to have the ability to analyze legal cases and must be good at negotiating so that they can help make agreements between husband and wife, of course this will facilitate the trial process in court.

best lawyer divorce in baliThe cases that our lawyers in Bali run are:

  1. Divorce for Non-Muslims in the District Court
  2. Divorce for Muslims in the Religious Courts
  3. Lawsuit for Sharing of Shared Assets (Gono-gini)
  4. Child Custody Lawsuit
  5. Endorsement of Siri Marriage or Itsbat Marriage
  6. Application/Permission for Polygamy
  7. Application for Legalization of Marriage in Different Countries (Indonesian and Foreign)
  8. Marriage Dispensation in Religious Courts
  9. Annulment of Marriage
  10. Separation of Shared Assets After Marriage

In dealing with the Client’s legal problems as mentioned above, the Best Divorce Lawyers in Bali are required to provide a calm and comfortable feeling to the Client, so that Clients who are initially overwhelmed with stress, but with the best service, wholehearted service and a smile, so that they can spread a positive aura Of course, this will have an impact on the results in the form of the best and maximum Court Decisions.

The best legal aid services provided by the Best Divorce Lawyers in Bali, are not only beneficial for the married couple, but also provide enormous assistance to judges in examining a divorce case, because they are able to contribute ideas in resolving divorce cases. relating to the law that arises both in the court environment and in the general public.

The files for filing a divorce suit at the Court in Bali are:

  1. Marriage Certificate (for non-Muslims), or Marriage Book (for Muslims)
  2. Family Card (KK)
  3. ID card
  4. Child Birth Certificate (if you have children)

The files for filing a lawsuit against Gono Gini or a lawsuit for the distribution of marital property at the Court in Bali are:

  1. Proof of ownership of the house/building/land in the form of: Certificate of Ownership (SHM), SHGB, Certificate of Use of Land Rights, AJB (Deed of Sale and Purchase), PPJB (Agreement for Binding of Land Sale and Purchase), Letter of Agreement for Sale and Purchase of Land under stamped, receipt of sale and purchase of land/building, and other proof of ownership;
  2. Proof of ownership of two-wheeled or four-wheeled motorized vehicles, namely: Vehicle BPKB, STNK, vehicle sales and purchase receipts and other proof of ownership;
  3. Savings Book, Deposit Book, Share Ownership, and other evidence;
  4. Jewelry notes, as well as other evidence of wealth.
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