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Divorce Processing Fees in Court (Divorce Lawyer Fees in Bali)

lawyer-fee-in-baliThe author, who is a Divorce Lawyer in Bali, will try to explain in general terms about the costs incurred by prospective clients that are paid to their lawyers/advocates/lawyers. In general, these costs include:

  1. Lawyer operational costs are fees paid in advance at the time of signing the Power of Attorney related to case management at the Non-litigation (outside Court) and Litigation (in Court) levels. Payment of the lawyer fee/honorarium can be made in stages/installments or payment in full, the amount of which is determined by the Client’s agreement with his Lawyer/Advocacy/Proxy.
  2. For success in winning the Client’s case or resolving the case in accordance with the client’s wishes (the client feels benefited), then for that success a success fee is given to the Lawyer/Advocacy/Legal Counsel by the Client, the amount of which is generally 10% to 30% of the value of the case which was won by the Lawyer / Advocate / Attorney.

The lawyer fee/honorarium and success fee are included in the legal service agreement letter which is made at the signing of the power of attorney between the Client and his lawyer/advocate/lawyer. The legal service agreement letter contains provisions that the Client is not bound by a case handling contract with another party (another Advocate/Lawyer).


The amount of the lawyer fee / honorarium and success fee varies from one lawyer to another, this is influenced by:

  1. Big name Lawyer or Experience of the Lawyer

The bigger the name of the lawyer or the more famous the lawyer’s name, the more directly proportional to the amount of fees / fees charged by the lawyer. Even though the amount of tariffs/fees charged by the famous lawyer does not determine/do not guarantee that the case will be won. Even if the lawyer has high experience / experience, it cannot guarantee that the case will be won.

  1. Case Difficulty Level

Lawyers / Advocates / Lawyers will charge a high rate if they judge that the case being handled has a high level of complexity, for example a divorce case (civil case) where there is a criminal element in it, such as domestic violence (domestic violence), then this will make The duties of Lawyers/Advocates/Lawyers become more/more extra, of course the fees charged will also be high.

  1. Lawyer Office Address with Case Settlement Location

Lawyers / Advocates / Lawyers whose offices are located far from the place of settlement of their Client’s cases, both Courts, Police, and other places, then the long distance will make Lawyers / Advocates / Lawyers give high rates to Clients, because Lawyers / Advocates / The attorney measures the transportation costs, time and energy that must be spent extra.

  1. Client’s economic situation

If a client is judged by a lawyer/advocate/lawyer to be in poor condition (poor), then the lawyer/advocate/lawyer may provide free legal assistance (free) or provide a rate below the value usually given by him. Lawyers / Advocates / Lawyers provide high rates to Clients who have an above average economy, which usually has a high level of difficulty.

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